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Dunkelgraue Lieder contains all the songs from the first Sturmlieder incarnation in shortened digitally remastered versions as well as 7 tracks which didn’t appear on the original release. The original tracks with their “sturm und drang” attitude have been placed in the middle of the new album wrapped in the new ones which are more philosophical, melancholic and permeated with sad beauty. Sonically they are also more into krautpop/neofolk sounding of todays Allerseelen making a contrast to harsh and abrasive tunes from mid 90-es. As a result we have a very interesting reminiscence of the past with a kind of a comment from the present, some wise and soft look back on one’s young spiritual nietzschean extremities.

Some of the new tracks have been inspired by US black/folk/post metal band Agalloch which has a close spiritual connection with Allerseelen. Album’s precious artwork is based on the photos Gerhard made in 2010 in Oregon when he first met Agalloch at the same time as Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull had its apocalyptic eruption. The same time some new tracks included in this new album has been composed and recorded using loops from Agalloch songs.


Bass: Marcel P., Gerhard Hallstatt
Vocals: Sabinita, Andreas Maurer, Gerhard Hallstatt
Violin, violin arrangements: Eugene Voronovsky
Violin: Meri Tadic (Ob auch mein Herz so funkelt)
Tonkunst: Gerhard Hallstatt, Marcel P. (Wolfslied)
Mastering: Soundtempel Studio
Photographs: Gerhard Hallstatt
Artwork: Aorta / Indiestate

Dunkelgraue Stille (2010) and Nur noch Asche (2010) were published as Allerseelen remixes for the Agalloch DoCD Whitedivisiongrey during the apocalyptic eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. These two recordings – as well as both 2016 versions – contain loops of the Agalloch songs Shadow and Pale Companion and appear on this release with kind permission of Agalloch and Dämmerung Arts. Dunkelgraue Lieder contains all the songs from the early Allerseelen CD Sturmlieder in shortened, digitally remastered versions. Wolfslied lyrics: Friedrich Hielscher. Leichenfarbne Dämmerung lyrics: Friedrich Nietzsche. Sturmlied lyrics: Ricarda Huch.





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