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Music and poetry have always been for AimA the result of a single great form of expression, intangible,
universal, absolute.
The first encounter with significant national and international literary currents was possible thanks to Angelo Tonelli. In 1999 AimA presented her poems for the first time at “Altramarea”, (an international poetry event held annually in Tellaro, in the Cinqueterre), meeting poets belonging to the current of Mitomodernism and consequently of Ritomodernism. From that year she was invited to all the editions of Altramarea and “Argonauti nel Golfo degli Dei”, an event now incorporated into the “Mythoslogos Festival” (festival on the wisdom, philosophy, art and culture of Greco-Roman antiquity).


After having participated with some texts in many anthologies of international contemporary poetry, in 2018 AimA publishes her first book of poems “Haiku Irregolari in Forma di Musica”, a collection of haiku in bilingual version (IT-EN) and illustrated by the artist Diego Cinquegrana.


Parallel to the poetic activity, AimA has written several essays on the use of the photographic code in cinema.
After the work on photography by Sven Nykvist, director of photography for the most part of the works of Ingmar Bergman, AimA has deepened her own analysis work on Carl Theodor Dreyer and other directors belonging to Scandinavian cinema.