The Argonauts


I have been able to be part of this group of poets several times that is now a small family moving  with common purpose in order to promote what the Captain of the group, Tomaso Kemeny, often recites, as a scream of peace “Fight for Beauty ! “. We participated in a real offering ritual to the gods, in the marvelous setting of the Archaeological Park of Paestum, under the magnificence of the Temple of Neptune; during one of our many landings, we also got to navigate the Naviglio Grande, in Milan, bringing poetry to the nightlife of the city. For the first time, in this case, our sailing-ship has left the safe coasts of the Gulf of the Gods, in the Cinque Terre (Liguria), to set sail for the cities further north. I have not been able to participate in all the raids of Poetry and Discovery, but they have been numerous, always with the intention of bringing the Beauty in the world, the only one that perhaps can still save it.


Tomaso Kemeny

Angelo Tonelli

Gabriella Galzio

Gabriella Cinti

AimA Lichtblau

Paola Pennecchi

Flaminia Cruciani

Paola Polito

Francesco Macciò