Poesia come cosa viva

Atti di Altramarea e argonauti

Arcipelago Editore

This poetry book contains the proceedings relating to the International Poetry events “Altramarea” and “Argonauti nel Golfo degli Dei”. The Review counts the participation of authoritative voices of poetry at an international level, but also of young poets. Altramarea is the last of a series of summer events directed by Angelo Tonelli, among which stand out “Argonauti nel Golfo degli Dei”, a suggestive performance of poets who read their texts arriving with the Argò ship, and “Mythoslògos”, review on the wisdom, philosophy, art and culture of Greek and Latin antiquity. Since 1999 I have taken part many times at these events and this is a substantial book that collects the poetic proceedings of 2009.


Editor: Angelo Tonelli

Publisher: Arcipelago Editore

Poets: Massimo Maggiari, Angelo Tonelli, Isabella Tedesco Vergano, Pierluigi Ghiggini, Daniela Bedeschi, Gian Luca Cupisti, Marco Ercolani, Lucetta Frisa, Lamberto Garzia, Francesco Macciò, Giancarlo Micheli, AimA Lichtblau, Cecilia Rofena, Dieter Schleask, Vivetta Valacca, Adriana Beverini, Roberto Bertoni.