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Being published | Exstimated publishing : Spring 2022

“Carmina in Spiritum” is the result of a period particularly inspired by precise and profound astral conjunctions that determined the compositions in a praxis that I would dare to define mystical.

The cosmic and absolute dimension of the texts, which goes to the limit of invocation to self-annihilation, consists of a series of carmina (chants, hymns) dedicated to the elements or spirits that hold the main inner forces holding the spirit and preserving it in the its strength and integritas.

I started to write these poems between 2020 and 2021, after a mystical experience which drove me to meet strong presences and totally being under the favour of the Muses. Composed in Italian, they have been translated into Latin, in order to complete the work through music and singing,  forms of art that I believe are able to express the inconsistency of the spirit, (its free, volatile, aerial character), in the most absolute form.


Author: AimA Lichtblau

Publisher: Agora & CO.

Illustrator: Diego Cinquegrana