Fritz Lang, 1924

A study through the illustrated postcards of the XX century

In cinema there are still-frames that become the images of the film, which, due to their peculiar construction (both from the point of view that significant aesthetic) remain indelibly imprinted in mind of the viewer. The film director and the director of photography make those shots that are intended to recall the highlights of the film and whose two-dimensional allow always, to the film, to generate the so-called immortal images that characterize the film and sometimes even able to characterize the author.

And it’s interesting to note that as part of the illustrations of “Der Ring des Nibelungen” by Richard Wagner that relate to the part of the Tetralogy that precisely contemplates Siegfried and earlier to film postcards Verlag Ross, covering some of the key moments of the Saga replicated by posthumous postcards.


AimA Lichtblau

Diego Cinquegrana

Verlag Ross Postcards

Hermann Hendrich

Emil Jan Lauffer

Alleinverlag des Deutschen Jugenbunded

Verlag Farbenphotographische Gesellschaft m.b.H., in Stuttgart