Gabriella Cinti


In January 2018, I performed with Gabriella Cinti, at the Spazio Tadini in Milan, (during the event “The sound of words and languages”, organized by Prof. Claudia Azzola).

On that occasion I was accompaining  (by vocals and music) the performance of Gabriella Cinti who was presenting her collection of poems “Madre del Respiro” and some poems of the greek poets Sappho and Alcman. Gabriella Cinti worked for years about the power of the sound in the words of the ancient greek poems.

In Cintis’ opinion, you can’t really understand the power of these poems if you don’t listen to the sound of the verses caused by the single words”.

The performance of Gabriella Cinti is often full of passion and able to give back the same passion living in these poetry. I could work with Gabriella Cinti in many circumstances, proposing different types of performances: from that of personal poetic texts, to ancient Greek and Latin  lyrics, till the most contemporary poets.

Our performances were dedicated to public and private events, through the choice of ad hoc texts.

Among the events in which we were able to work together: Mythoslogos, Review on the wisdom, philosophy, art and culture of Greek and Latin antiquity, directed by Angelo Tonelli.


Director of the Event: Claudia Azzola

Muisical Performance : AimA Lichtblau

Performance: Gabriella Cinti