Haiku irregolari in forma di musica

Book of Poems

Agorà & CO.

This poetry book contains the proceedings relating to the International Poetry events “Altramarea” and “Argonauti nel Golfo degli Dei”. The Review counts the participation of authoritative voices of poetry at an international level, but also of young poets. Altramarea is the last of a series of summer events directed by Angelo Tonelli, among which stand out ku Irregolari in Forma di Musica” is a book of Haiku illustrated by Diego Cinquegrana. Published by Agorà & CO. Lugano in 2018. The book contains 24 poems and 11 watercolors made by Diego Cinquegrana. Introduction by Angelo Tonelli and Gabriella Cinti.


Agorà & CO., Lugano 2018

Poems: Aima Lichtblau
Translations: Giovanni Pieri e Giulio Viano
Introduction: Angelo Tonelli e Gabriella Cinti
Illustrations: Diego Cinquegrana
Graphic Design: Diego Cinquegrana – Aimaproject SA
Publisher: Agorà & CO. , Lugano 2018