Published by Agorà & CO. Lugano in 2018

This book is made of irregular haikus whose presentation, for the sake of coherence, should not be too long, as much as, throu- gh conviction, It could not convey more than the texts themsel- ves can do: short, volatile forms, capable of representing a state of things and of the being, as light as a watercolour.

The hermeticism of these short compositions is witness to in- stantaneous gesture, to immediate thought; the ultimate expres- sion of the synthesis of sensation, where inner and outer universe coincide to the point of getting lost in the snapshot of the image.

The haiku, eidolon of the feeling, is an overview, a picture of a section of reality which is transfigured and permeated by the fe- eling itself.

When it comes to over-complicating reality, in order to under- stand, it is often necessary to return to origins, that is to the most primitive forms of expression: image and music.

Poetry is everywhere, it does not need to be created, it can be found in any situation: it can be selected in the flow of being just by being able to seize It.

Even if it is brief, concise and brother to the image, the haiku is a text and therefore participates with its failing nature in the ex- pression of what is invisible and imagined.

The true key to its understanding is multiple interpretation and its true meaning can only be grasped in the suspension that it creates.

Poetry is the air that creeps through the feathers in a beating of wings; not the beating of wings.

In the line-spacing between verses, in that space between lines, there is its “potential being” that enigmatically lets the meaning be shaped at the discretion of those who welcome it and the ver- ses are but the body, the wrapper of the spirit that hovers there.

Verses are codes to be interpreted, symbols that change depen- XXIX

ding on who touches them, liquid crystals, fluctuating substan- ces, liquid is their essence as opposed to that of Poetry, which is volatile.

No reading is similar or the same as the previous one because a human being changes by virtue of his/her own life.

Catching the “potential being” of Poetry certainly leads to a kind of extrasensory knowledge.

What generates levitation of the mind is the detachment from the artistic wrapping, the support, the medium.


Author: AimA Lichtblau

Publisher: Agora & CO.

Illustrator: Diego Cinquegrana