In January 2018, during the performance with Gabriella Cinti, at the Spazio Tadini in Milan, (during the event “The sound of words and languages”, organized by Prof. Claudia Azzola), I had the lucky meet with Prof. Mariella Messa Parravicini who took part of the the audience. On that occasion I was accompaining  (by vocals and music) the performance of Gabriella Cinti who was presenting her collection of poems “Madre del Respiro”. That same evening Mariella proposed me to participate for the musical part in the theatrical show “Antigone” which she was writing for the students of the Liceo Classico Manzoni in Milan. She told me she was attracted to the archaic sound of my instruments and especially to my voice. So we organized the rehearsals and an instant feeling was born. Working with this group of high school students, with that typical  enthusiasm of their age, was an experience that I hope to repeat.


Director: Mariella Messa Parravicini

Muisical Performance : AimA Lichtblau

Photography and graphic design : Diego Cinquegrana