Black & White Photography Awards 2018

Reviewer Portfolio Feedback

Hello AimA Lichtblau. I chose your portfolio for review because it’s visually interesting. I have taken some time to study your photos, looking for visual clues that point to the story they tell. You are obviously a skilled photographer with a strong sense of how you want your photos to appear. You included an insightful statement that says, “In this metaphysical dimension I find, now, consciously and uniquely the “good result” of my photographic understand that I am not dealing with an intuition for contrasts, but with an obsessive research of the presence in absence, and this in the saturation of reality present in black and white.” The statement is a little difficult to understand, but I think I know what it is trying to say. I think a key idea is this “presence in absence”. I see this quality in all the photos, where human life is present through the evidence they create and the artifacts they leave behind. You go on to say that, “One is dealing with a form that does not obey any mathematical principles, a form that does not belong to the totality of forms because its presence is recognisable only as a sensation The whole is simplified by the well known charateristic of photography which certifies that what is represented is true, it exists.” You affirm the truth of photography, yet I see another potential theme. One theme I see in the photos is a journey from darkness to light. In the photos lights and darks coexist to produce very strong vertical compositions. These ancient cityscape images appear to capture lonely fragments of marble and stone, standing defiantly against the elements. You obviously love the drama and beauty of natural light (and darkness)! Your photos are certainly evidence of your passion. Your portfolio seems inspired by your ideas and your journeys to these places.


Review : Lens Culture