The revelation of the non-existent

“[…] Find the key to understanding only in some images where the reality is suspended or is a disturbing sospensive element .

In this metaphysical dimension I find, now, consciously and uniquely the “good result” of my photography

I understand that I am not dealing with an intuition for contrasts, but with an obsessive research of the presence in absence, and this in the saturation of reality present in black and white.

Therefore, speaking of semantic poverty and of the metaphysic conception of the vision of reality, a clear contrast appears to me evident.

It follows that the syntax is present in the maximum intensity of the whites and the blacks, but above all in the whites which exceed the peripheric limits, of those confines that necessarily make implosive the chain of elements.

It is as if the chain of elements was guided by a mathematical principle, I try to find the formula which paradoxically is “non mathematical”: the absence, the simple atmosphere that leaves in suspense, the “as though something is going to happen”. […] “


A mathematical principle governs the light; a metaphysical principle determines the final emotion.

However this last element would not exist outside that precise form.

One is dealing with a form that does not obey any mathematical principles, a form that does not belong to the totality of forms because its presence is recognisable only as a sensation

The whole is increased by the well known charateristic of photography which certifies that what is represented is true: it exists.’