In winter MMXXI a new Edelweiss is born! I am glad to announce this new collaboration of mine with Allerseelen for “Edelweiss” and “tjo tjo tjo di-ri”.
It is a very elegant 7 “white vinyl that heralds the Winter Solstice, a rare flower that pierces the snow to come to light. Produced by Namazu Productions.

Allerseelen 7″ Edelweiss / tjo tjo tjo di ri (white vinyl).

Dramatis personae:
AimA (vocals)
Gerhard Hallstatt (music, vocals)
Marcel P. (bass)
Swiss cows (bells)
These two songs were recorded in 2021 at Dungeon Studio (Rhenania), Gesamtkunstwerk Studio and Haus zur letzten Latern. The bells were played by cows living close to the prehistoric concentric circles of Crap Carschenna, Switzerland. Tjo tjo tjo di ri is inspired by traditional yodeling from Tyrol.
Mastering: Marcel P. – Dungeon Studio (Rhenania)
Translations: Simon Collins

Enjoy and stay tuned!


Namazu Productions