⟡ About Me

Vocalist and performer she’s the founder of several musical projects, composing their vocal arrangements mainly on ancient Greek and Latin texts. Professional photographer, she discussed the degree thesis in “Film Analysis” writing on photography in cinema, through the study of Sven Nykvist’s work, the director of photography of most of Ingmar Bergman’s films.


Aima started performing in 1999, working on vocalizations for the theater and on experimental poetry readings.

The meeting with Angelo Tonelli for poetry and with Devakant for singing have been really important for her artistic growth. She actually collaborates with several musicians.


Writer of poetry and non-fiction, she has published essays on the analysis of photography in cinema. Poetry, from the beginning of a hermetic style, comes to the haiku genre with the latest publication “Haiku irregolari in forma di musica“.
She is currently working on a corpus called “Spiritui Carmina”, alchemical poems for an elevation of the spirit.


Strongly influenced by studies on photography in Bergmanian cinema, she accentuated her interest in portrait, sharing Nadar’s concept of “intimate similarity”. It deepens the research on metaphysical photography, poetic already enunciated in 2001 and integral part of the degree thesis.

⟡ Bio

After a course of studies in high school, (where he cultivated a passion for the classics of Greek and Latin literature and philosophy), she graduated in Characters of European Cinema at University “Alma Mater Studiorum” of Bologna where she held seminars of Analysis of Photography in Cinema, at the Department of Film Analysis of Prof. Guerrini Loretta Verga, specializing in Scandinavian Cinema and on the work of Sven Nykvist, Ingmar Bergman and Carl Theodor Dreyer.

Since 1999 she has attended continuously as a performer at the Festival of International Poetry “Altramarea” and and “Mythoslogos” (Review on the wisdom, philosophy, art and culture of Greek and Latin antiquity), both directed by Angelo Tonelli, poet, performer, author and theater director, known in Italy and abroad. He’s among the largest Italian scholars and translators of Greek classics. She’s the founder of the neo-classical band Les Jumeaux Discordants and she’s involved in several projects, for example with the Austrian formation Allerseelen and the Greek project iNsCissorS. She performed as vocalist in Yverdon-Les-Bains, Barcelona. Athens, Paris, Leipzig, Milan, Magione,Verona.