a new project by AimA Lichtblau, Evor Ameisie, diego cinquegrana.

For years, a more organic collaboration between AimA Lichtblau and Evor Ameisie was in the air and it finally resulted in this first work: Elysian Chants.
The album was born from a common feeling between three artists particularly interested in ancient and “primitive” cultures. The third member of the group is in fact Diego Cinquegrana, a visual artist who has been curating the whole image of AimA for a long time and author of the entire artwork for “Les Chimeres” by Les Jumeaux Discordants.

You can read all the informations at the website:

Among the contributions, the electric cello by Annamaria Bernadette Cristian and the hypnotic reading in ancient Greek (of the final part of the Orphic Hymn to the Moire) by Angelo Tonelli, a well-known Greek scholar, poet and performer, one of the enlightened minds of the Italian philosophical panorama .

The project completed the first album “Elysian Chants”, a continuation of a long musical work on the Orphic Hymns started by AimA in 2012.
This album was recorded between 2020 and 2021, parallel to the second work that is about to be finished: “Carmina in Spiritum”.
Elysian Chants will be produced by the French label Slaughter in Art. See you soon for new updates on the releases of these works!

Release scheduled for November 2021, from Slaughter in Art.