New release! August 2021

I proudly announce my collaboration in “Morgenröte” by Allerseelen for the songs “Tanz die Orange”, “Jede Welle”, “Flamme” and “Tjo, tjo, tjo diri”. With great pleasure I was able to duet with the voice of Gerhard Hallstatt in “Jede Welle” and “Tjo, tjo, tjo diri”, thanking him for the trust in having entrusted me, with some of the masterpieces that have entered the history of the group’s production. Stay tuned for upcoming news.



1. Löwin (2020)

2. Tanzt Die Orange (Aima)

3. Mädchen (2020)

4. Jede Welle (Aima)

5. Musa (2020)

6. Flamme (Aima)

7. Tjo Tjo Tjo Di Ri (Aima)

8.Knistern (Estella)

9. Filmriss. Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal (2020)

10. Dolce Vita (Phobos Reactor Remix)

11. Auferstehung (1988)

12. Aurora Consurgens (1988)

13. Lichtbringerin (1988)

14. Es Werde Licht. Fiat Lux (1988)

15. Gold Tausender Morgen (1988) 04:29

16. Mors Justi (1988)

17. Rosentau (1988)

18. Es Werde Licht. Fiat Luciditas (1988)


Dramatis personae


II, IV, VI, VII AimA (vocals)
I – IX Christien H. (drums)
II Dimo Dimov (guitars)
VIII Estella Plunkett (vocals)
III, V Eugene Voronovsky (violin, violin arrangements)
I – IX Marcel P. (bass)
VI Marcel P. (percussion)
IV Meri Tadic (violin)
X Phobos Reactor (remix)
I – XVIII Gerhard Hallstatt

VII was originally recorded for Sturmpercht
IX is a cover version of Als wärs das letzte Mal by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. Lyrics: Gabi Delgado-López
X is a remix by Phobos Reactor
XI – XVIII are the shortened songs from the early Allerseelen cassette Morgenröte (1988)

Recordings: Dungeon Studio (Rhenania). Gesamtkunstwerk Studio, Haus zur letzten Latern
Mastering: Marcel P. – Dungeon Studio (Rhenania)

English translations: Simon Collins

Photographs: Gerhard Hallstatt