AimA and The Illusion of Silence
First release

Upcoming release! June 2020

I am proud to announce a new work under the moniker AimA and The Illusion of Silence: Music for Certain Rituals.
It is a musical work based on some Orphic Hymns chosen among the 87 short poems composed in either the late Hellenistic era. The poems, used in mystical rituals are attributed to Orpheus and they were a clear expression of how the Hellenic past was fighting for its survival, while the new Christian faith was spreading everywhere.
The hymns are devoted to specific divinities as well as to cosmic elements and incense that was used during the rituals.
Alongside the orficim hymns they were set to music two gold leaf tablets found in graves from Thurii and Hipponium giving instruction to the dead crossing into afterlife.
Lastly, two poems of AIMA carry all these meanings in the contemporary world.

Produced by Indiestate Promotions. :retortae:

AimA & The Illusion of Silence

Music for certain rituals

AimA: concept, vocal arrangements, vocals, backing vocals

The Illusion of Silence (Luca Bonandini): music arrangements: piano, keyboards, bowed psaltery, zither, guitar, percussions, sounds, flutes,santoor, m’bira, melodica, bells

Mixed & Mastered by Jhonnie

Producer: Indiestate Promotions :retortae: Cat. N° Venenum 06 First edition CD July 2020 ltd. 300 copies

Artworks: Diego Cinquegrana
Graphic Design: Diego Cinquegrana | Aimaproject SA – Agenzia di Comunicazione