Work in Progress

Release forecast: Winter MMXXII

Recorded in 2021/2022

Sound design and Mastering: upcoming.

Produced by: upcoming.

This group of Carmina is the result of a particularly inspired winter of the year MMXXI, a season during which the Muses did not hesitate to visit my rooms almost every evening, almost every night, while awake and in dreams. This album is the result of a particular and harmonious encounter with the Higher Spheres and of an alignment with them, which took place in December MMXX.

From the Beginning to the End.

From A to Ω.



Ignis Spiritui

Astrorum Spiritui

Sapientiae Spiritui

Aeternitatis Spiritui

Lucis Spiritui

Solis Spiritui

Absoluti Spiritui

Carmen in Spiritum

Astrorum Spiritui


AimA: concept, lyric, vocal arrangements and backing vocals

Evor Ameisie: baritone, backing vocals

Diego Cinquegrana: soundscape composition