New release for Allerseelen

Three witches, fog and a prediction. The colors of this new music to work on, received by Gerhard Hallstatt (Allerseelen) were immediately clear. The rhythm is pressing like a freezing Valpurga night. The voices of the three witches (the three Fates? The Gray Sisters?) are obsessive and heralds of inevitable destinies. As always, once again, a work with Allerseelen is an experience beyond singing, it is a theatrical performance.

“If you can look into the seeds of time
And say which grain will grow, and which will not
Speak than to me

Look into the seeds of time
And say which grain will grow
And which will not

Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
hover through the fog
and filthy air” 


From: The Tragedy of Macbeth. William Shakespeare 1623

You can find this song in Allerseelen C90 Frühgeschichte II. Requiem

Allerseelen C90 Requiem (with download code). This beautiful and limited cassette edition by :retortae: contains the original recordings of the early Allerseelen C60 and CD Requiem and several additional recordings: Fieberst im Licht. Ikarus – Antonius Block (AimA) – Grubenpferd – Seeds of Time (AimA) – Ich hatt einen Kameraden. Co-musicians: AimA (vocals, psaltery), Bengt Ekerot (percussion) Daniel P. Arnica (guitars), Jörg B. (guitars), Marcel P. (bass, vocals).