In this section you will find the latest works that may not have found a place in the portfolio yet.

Photography, as in the case of all forms of art, is continuous research, therefore the magazine is a sort of laboratory, of work in progress.

In addition to the latest photographs taken, you will find the texts concerning the poetics of each section, which for reasons of space I have not been able to explain in the specific portfolio categories and also the new ideas about it.

In this magazine there are also some excerpts from the degree thesis “The interiority of the Light”: an entire work dedicated to light as the main actor in the cinematographic field.


With regard to the analysis of photography in cinema presented here, it is further recommended (as specified in the Terms of Use, for the contents of the whole site) not to use the contents with prior authorization. You can contact me and it will also be a good reason to share research.

As for undergraduates wishing to use the research material in relation to film analysis, it is recommended to contact me directly.